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Employees and the workplace

Empowering employees means empowering the company.

It is a company's employees who make it what it is.

Villeroy & Boch has highly qualified, capable and motivated employees who forge new paths with commitment and reflection, and have their sights set firmly on the future. To ensure this continues, as a modern and responsible employer, Villeroy & Boch aims to provide employees with a varied working environment and creative scope in addition to interesting and inspiring tasks.

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A modern working environment

The renovation of the company's headquarters is an important component of Mettlach 2.0, a local development project by the Mettlach community and Villeroy & Boch. The objective of the project is to update the town's image to make Mettlach an even more attractive shopping and industrial heritage tourist destination, while at the same time creating a modern working environment for Villeroy & Boch employees.
To find out more about the Mettlach 2.0 project, click here.

Fostering the next generation of talent

Vocational training is an important pillar of a sustainable HR policy. Villeroy & Boch employs apprentices and students in commercial and industrial/technical roles. In addition to the main training sites in Mettlach and Merzig, the company also uses smaller sites and organisational units to train new talent.

We also offer a three-year junior management programme to encourage qualified graduates from commercial and technical courses to start their career with Villeroy & Boch. Young talents are prepared for various specialist roles in technical or management areas, including at our international sites.

Support fund

Vocational development – whether a degree, training course or retraining – can be costly. In 1970, the owners of Villeroy & Boch AG, a family-owned company, set up a support fund using their personal assets to assist Villeroy & Boch employees with their professional development and vocational qualifications. The aim is to enable motivated employees and members of their family to pursue vocational training or further education by providing financial support.

Training is an important tradition at Villeroy&Boch. We consider it our social duty to pass on sound specialist knowledge to young people to help them make a successful start in their career.

Training with the Global Academy

Our Global Academy training facility also makes a very specific contribution to fostering new talent and know-how. The portfolio includes a wide range of management and personal development courses designed to promote specialist skills and abilities.

Empowering women

Promoting diversity and an appropriate proportion of women in the workplace is a group-wide strategy. The proportion of women at the two management levels below the Management Board is already 32 per cent in total. The Management Board's long-term target for the first and second levels of management is 40 per cent. 

A family-friendly family company

Helping our employees to achieve a better work/life balance is another of our priorities. Villeroy & Boch AG has committed to providing extra support for employees with families. In consultation with their supervisors, employees have options for different working models, such as flexible working hours or part-time.

Responding to demographic changes in society

Demographic changes in society are having an increasing impact, reflected in an older average age of our workforce in the medium term. We are responding to this development with a wide range of health and safety measures. On the basis of agreements with employee representatives, we also offer programmes for professional integration management and flexible provisions for family nursing care.