The Mettlach 2.0 project


The Old Abbey in 2020

Information on the renovation of Villeroy & Boch AG's headquarters: This page provides information on the changes being made to our company headquarters, the Old Abbey in Mettlach. (Copyright Image: Freiraumplanung MESS  Laport, Architektur architekten und Villeroy & Boch, Illustration KULLE Art Direction)

Mettlach 2.0

The Old Abbey in 2020

The project

The Old Abbey in Mettlach has been Villeroy & Boch's headquarters for over 200 years. Jean-François Boch purchased the former Benedictine monastery in 1809 and set about restoring the building, which had sustained severe damage during the War of the First Coalition from 1792 onwards. This marked the start of a very close relationship between the company and the town of Mettlach. The firm's growing success drove demand for more production facilities, leading to dense construction within the grounds. The renovation of the company's headquarters is an important component of "Mettlach 2.0", a local development project initiated by

the Mettlach community and Villeroy & Boch. The objective of the project is to update the town's image to make Mettlach an even more attractive shopping and industrial heritage tourist destination, while at the same time creating a modern working environment for Villeroy & Boch employees. The project encompasses the renovation and conversion of buildings within the grounds of the Old Abbey, dismantling of old production facilities to free up more space, redesign of outside areas and greater emphasis for the historic character of the Abbey.

Mettlach 2.0 will offer Villeroy&Boch employees a modern working environment, as well as creating new experiences, leisure and shopping areas for residents, visitors and tourists.

Central projects

  • Renovation of the Abteigarten Restaurant
    The summer of 2015 saw the renovation of the Abteigarten Restaurant as part of the Mettlach 2.0 project. Since then, it has opened its doors to reveal a modern new interior, offering a wide selection of dishes for employees and visitors. The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 16:30.

  • Modern working environments
    Modern working environments are increasingly shaped by project structures and international interdisciplinary teams. This evolution is considered in a new working environment concept: A new office and conference centre with open-plan areas and lots of different meeting spaces designed to foster communication and cooperation between all employees was completed in 2018. However, it's not just the interior of the buildings that will be developed in the future: Open-air workstations in the Abbey park will also add to the diversity of places to work.

  • New Brand Experience Centre
    Tourists and visitors can look forward to finding out all about the Villeroy & Boch brand in a new, redesigned Brand Experience Centre. Attractions will include Keravision, a Tableware Exhibition, a Museum of Ceramics, a Bathroom and Wellness Information Centre and an outlet store. Additional retail spaces will also be created in the Old Abbey area, selling ranges revolving around the Villeroy & Boch brand.

  • Path through the grounds
    The grounds of the Old Abbey are situated between the town centre with its pedestrian zone and the area around the train station. A new public path through the grounds is intended to improve this connection.

Key data

  • Total investment of some 20 million euros

  • Area: 60,000 square metres

  • Administration workstations at the Old Abbey site: 650

  • Do you have any questions?
    We will be happy to answer them. Simply send us an email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the schedule for the project?
    The estimated completion time for the entire project is four years. Some initial structural amendments have already been carried out in the Abteigarten Restaurant and in January 2016, conversion work began to transform the building, in which the former Bathroom and Wellness Information Centre was, into an office and conference centre, which was completed by 2018. This will then be followed by further building conversions and the redesign of outside spaces.

  • How high are the investments?
    Villeroy & Boch plans to invest over 20 million euros in the modernisation works over the next few years. The project will also be supported by community, regional and state funding.

  • Will there be any new buildings?
    No, there are no plans to construct new buildings. We will simply modernise and renovate existing ones.

  • Are there plans to modernise the remaining Old Abbey buildings?
    Renovation work on the facade and windows will continue – in compliance with requirements for listed monuments – as well as the ongoing restoration of roofing on the Old Abbey buildings. Existing offices will also be progressively modernised during regular maintenance work.

  • Will there be new parking areas?
    Sufficient parking spaces will be provided for tourists, visitors and employees. Outdoor car parks are planned as well as a covered staff car park.

  • What changes will this mean for tourists and visitors? Will there be a new visitor centre?
    Yes, there will be a new Brand Experience Centre, consisting of Keravision, Tableware Exhibition, Museum of Ceramics, Bathroom and Wellness Information Centre and an outlet store.

  • To what extent will the grounds be used for retail spaces? Will the outlet in the town be retained?
    Yes, the outlet in the pedestrian area will be retained. There will also be another shop in the Brand Experience Centre on the grounds of the Old Abbey. The ranges sold in the Christmas shop and Vivo outlet will be available in the other two outlets.

  • What impact does the listed monument status have?
    We take the listed monument status very seriously. Its purpose is to protect a cultural asset, and therefore a piece of our own identity as well.

  • I can't find the answer to my question. Who should I contact?
    Please send your question to us by email.