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A premium brand with tradition

Like very few other brands, Villeroy & Boch is deeply rooted in European culture. And, in the way that only a great brand can, it has understood how to preserve its identity while still moving with the times. 

German dynasties: Villeroy&Boch

The film on Villeroy & Boch's history explains how the German and French family came together over two hundred years ago to form one of the most successful dynasties. Pioneering spirit and visionary ideas: in an interview, descendants of François Boch and Nicolas Villeroy talk about the company that began with two small potteries

and grew to become a global enterprise.

Film information (in German language)
"Deutsche Dynastien" [Germany dynasties]: Villeroy & Boch (43 min. / Germany, France, USA 2015 / WDR / produced by neue artfilm) 

Old Abbey Discovery Centre

From monastery to
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