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A premium brand with tradition

Like very few other brands, Villeroy & Boch is deeply rooted in European culture. And, in the way that only a great brand can, it has understood how to preserve its identity while still moving with the times. 

German dynasties: Villeroy&Boch

The film on Villeroy & Boch's history explains how the German and French family came together over two hundred years ago to form one of the most successful dynasties. Pioneering spirit and visionary ideas: in an interview, descendants of François Boch and Nicolas Villeroy talk about the company that began with two small potteries

and grew to become a global enterprise.

Film information (in German language)
"Deutsche Dynastien" [Germany dynasties]: Villeroy & Boch (43 min. / Germany, France, USA 2015 / WDR / produced by neue artfilm) 

Company archives – creation, history and development

The company archives were created as a private family archive by Eugen Boch (1809-1898) in the early 1950s. Between 1854-1857, he asked the "scribe" Ch. Sternberg to transcribe all documents related to the Mettlach monastery (later to become the Abbey) in the archives in Coblenz and Metz and in libraries in Bonn and Trier and collate them in four volumes. Eugen Boch's work was continued by his son René von Boch (the family was ennobled on 23.09.1892). After the death of René von Boch in 1908, the archiving work slowed down. It stopped completely during the war.

Luitwin von Boch (1906-1988) arranged for the reorganisation of the central archive in 1957. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Merzig factory in 1979, a Merzig archive was created. For space reasons, it was consolidated with the Mettlach central archive in 1993. People with an interest in history (historians, students, local researchers) can find many written and photographic documents as well as items from the production range in the company archives. 

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