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Villeroy&Boch – a company with stories

Villeroy & Boch has collected many interesting stories over the years since 1748 – one of them bringing together a few things from a company history stretching back over 270 years.


A premium brand with international standing

As one of the oldest and best-known European brands, Villeroy & Boch had already established a presence extending beyond Europe into Russia, China and America as early as the mid-19th century and made an essential contribution towards bringing tableware and bathroom culture to the wider market. But this brand's significance does not lie solely in its tradition. From the very beginning, Villeroy & Boch has been a pioneer with regard to innovative materials, production techniques and, above all, design – one of the most important brand attributes. For Villeroy & Boch, the interplay between tradition and modernity is a key driver in its constant quest to create new and interesting products.

Many of the company's innovations have even set international trends and have repeatedly proven their originality and authenticity over more than 270 years. This same authenticity is reflected in the typical brand "signature" which sets Villeroy & Boch apart from its global competition. There is no asset more valuable to the group's strategy than the brand. This plays a key role in both established markets and growth markets in Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and America.