LA BOULE - A milestone in design history

Eye-catcher, decorative highlight and sculptural functionality: La Boule has it all. Read the story of the fascinating sphere here.

    • La Boule - a timeless interior icon that is made up of several
      service pieces into one.
      The "sphere" already surprised people in 1971 as a revolutionary
      object, created by designer Helen von Boch.
      Almost 50 years later, Villeroy & Boch has reissued the
      unique design idea and presents a modern and fresh version of the
      La Boule, a modern and fresh version of the design masterpiece.

    • La Boule stands for everything that defines Villeroy & Boch:
      Ceramic expertise and sensational design.
      Strengths that define the brand's DNA. La Boule
      is contemporary and still as surprising as its predecessor: if you disassemble the decorative
      porcelain sphere into its seven individual parts, you get a high-quality
      service for two - perfect
      for discerning design lovers. Discover the
      legendary La Boule!

From then until today

      La Boule Pure Beige

      La Boule White

      La Boule Memphis

      La Boule Black

      La Boule Black & White