Old Abbey Discovery Centre

Visit the Villeroy&Boch Discovery Centre: With its scenic landscapes and diverse cultural and culinary offerings, the great Germany-France-Luxembourg border triangle is well worth a visit.

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A special attraction on the "Saar Loop"

Like no other company, Villeroy & Boch has enhanced everyday living and quality of life for many generations with beautiful and stylish things. A visit to Mettlach's Old Abbey, the headquarters of the company founded in 1748, will take you on a very special voyage of discovery.

The Old Abbey: the company's headquarters since 1809.

The purchase of the former Benedictine abbey by Jean-François Boch in 1809 laid the cornerstone for progressive ceramic production in the region. The Old Abbey has been the international group's headquarters since 1842.

A visit to the Villeroy&Boch Discovery Centre

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