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Are you motivated and looking for a varied, hands-on and progressive apprenticeship? We are looking for people who enjoy learning new things, whose commitment and motivation will contribute to the success of our international company.

Careers at V&B


You're interested in business issues and keen to experience working life in an innovative company? You're good with your hands and into technology? Then an apprenticeship at Villeroy & Boch is just right for you.

Exciting tasks, first-class training, dynamic teams and lots of fun at work – Villeroy & Boch offers all this to people who are prepared to swap the school desk for a varied first job. 


As a trainee at Villeroy & Boch, you can profit from the following benefits:

▪ Introductory week to get to know the company, contact persons and other trainees

▪ Seminars tailored to individual needs in order to continuously develop one's own personality further

▪ Own apprentice workshop

▪ Familiar working atmosphere

▪ Holiday and christmas bonus

▪ Discounted food in the canteen

▪ Possibility to take part in internal further training measures (e.g. first-aid course, forklift driving licence)

▪ Annual trainee festival

▪ Support with exam preparation


Whether commercial or technical-vocational – find out more about our various apprenticeships!

Commercial apprenticeships

▪  Industrial Management Assistant 

▪  Retail Management Assistant 

▪  E-Commerce Assistant

▪  IT Systems Technician

▪  IT Specialist for System Integration

Vocational apprenticeships:

▪  Electronics Technician for Industrial Systems

▪  Woodworking Technician

▪  Industrial Mechanic

▪  Industrial Ceramist

▪  Plant and Machine Operator

▪  Mechatronics Technician 

▪  Warehouse Logistics Specialist 

Dual study programme

Apprenticeship or degree? Why not take full advantage of both career paths and combine theory with practice from the very beginning? Villeroy & Boch offers at the moment the following study programs in cooperation with the Akademie der Saarwirtschaft and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg:


- Bachelor of Arts / Business Information Systems (ASW)

- Bachelor of Arts / Business Economics (ASW)

- Bachelor of Arts / Branch Trade Construction, Building Services, Electrical (DHBW)


Internships for pupils and holiday jobs

Are you still at school, yet interested in experiencing everyday working life during an internship or a holiday job? Villeroy & Boch offers numerous options for pupils and technical college students to complete an industrial placement in IT, Technology or Business in Mettlach, Merzig and Losheim. You will find more information on opportunities for pupils in our Candidates lounge.


ASW student Business Administration

I’ve had some fantastic experiences during my studies. It was great that I could work on some exciting projects from the very beginning. And then to see how things you’d worked on were actually implemented and even improved the company a little bit, that was always a terrific experience.

Interview with Kristin

What are you studying?

I’m doing a dual study programme in Business Administration, specialising in Industry, at Villeroy & Boch. The Akademie der Saarwirtschaft teaches the theory and at Villeroy & Boch I get to see what each department does. I have worked in Central Purchasing, Group Treasury, Press, HR, HR development and Online Marketing so far.  

What was important to you when you were choosing your apprenticeship? 

As an A’level student, I only had a very vague idea of what goes on in a company. It was, therefore, important to me to also gain a practical insight and not just learn the theory. I was impressed by the idea of being able to combine these two factors from the very beginning. 

The degree programme has exceeded my expectations. I find it very exciting to be able to immediately apply the theory I have learnt as well as when being taught the theory I recognise practical aspects I’ve learnt on-the-job – it really makes learning effective. 

One major advantage is that as a student I can start to earn money right after my A’levels and have some work experience when I start to work after the degree – it's a perfect combination of several factors.

Why did you decide to do your apprenticeship at V&B?

As I come from the region, I’ve known V&B as a brand and an employer for most of my life. I chose Villeroy & Boch as I expected to gain an insight into the business side of running a large international company as well as a lot of practical experience. And it has lived up to its promises – I don’t regret my decision one bit and would always choose Villeroy & Boch. 

What are the typical tasks of an ASW student?

As an ASW student you have theory phases and rotate between different departments in the company. The tasks vary, depending on the department where you are. In general you could say that as an ASW student you often get to work on projects or are even responsible for your own subtasks. When I was in HR, for example, I was in charge of the recruitment process for trainees and juniors, and in Procurement I helped find a new system deliverer for producing giveaways.  

Why is it worth doing an ASW degree at Villeroy & Boch?

V&B is a large international company that is represented all over the world. During the degree, you learn the theory side of so many things that you can actually apply to a great extent here and you also get to see how a business really operates. Thanks to the many years of cooperation between ASW and Villeroy & Boch, the lecturers are aware of all this and often use V&B in their lectures as practice examples – there’s no better way to understand the contents of the course! 

And the support from the trainers in HR as well as the departments is great. You always feel you have all the support you need and there is always someone students can go to with questions or problems. 

How would you sum up your experience at V&B in three words? 

Varied, responsible, exciting 

What would you recommend to people looking for a good apprenticeship?

When you know what you want to do professionally, you should gather as much information as you can on potential employers and then prepare your applications properly. Applicants tend to do this superficially and a lot of the time they do not really know what they are getting in to. It can also help to talk to family or friends. Villeroy & Boch is such a great employer and I would definitely do my dual study programme here again.