Historical Schinkel Fountain restored to pristine splendour

“Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Prussia, presented this image of King Johann of Bohemia to Jean-François Boch“

After extensive restoration work, the historical Schinkel Fountain was returned to its original position in front of the entrance to the Old Abbey in 2003. It was a gift from the Prussian Crown Prince, Friedrich Wilhelm, later King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, to Jean-François Boch, who he visited in 1833. The fountain’s sculpture was designed by the famous architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781 – 1841) and depicts Friedrich Wilhelm’s ancestor, Johann, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg. During his visit, the Crown Prince discovered that, owing to the confusion of several wars and the French Revolution, Jean-François Boch had given a temporary resting place in the Old Abbey to the mortal remains of his ancestor, who died in battle in 1346.


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