Historical dairy

Anyone entering this "historical dairy" will experience, first and foremost, another work of art: a masterpiece of historical interior design.

The nostalgic dairy has been decorated from floor to ceiling with approximately 15,000 handcrafted tiles. It is the markedly natural style of representation by which these pictures appeal so directly to the observer. Skilfully applied brushstrokes and a keen sense of colour give the figures a three-dimensional quality, airiness and grace. Countless details are minutely decorated, from the boy’s cowlick to the rippling ribbon of flowers or delicately veined rose petal. The linear bordered silhouettes reveal the proximity to Art Nouveau.

For the design Villeroy & Boch drew on illustrated archive material to reproduce the tradition upheld in historical shop fitting. The masterplans for the design, irrespective of whether they were intended for a butcher’s shop, cheese dairy or delicatessen, inspired builders far beyond Germany’s borders, and even as far as Australia.


Groups can rent the room for an enjoyable stay (please book in advance, maximum seating capacity 50) 
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