September 2011

Villeroy & Boch at Cersaie 2011 - The 2012 tile collection

Individual design for living and activity spaces –

The 2012 tile collection: for a discerning culture of space

For 2012, Villeroy & Boch presents a new tile collection for a discerning culture of spatiality in private, semi-public or public areas. In terms of its esthetics, the new collection draws on familiar and conventional themes and transforms them into discerning, contemporary designs. Modern technologies, functionality and quality join up with traditional craftsmanship to take shape in the form of an emotional line of products that are not confined to individual applications and instead open up a broad array of possible presentations.

Nature as the source of inspiration

The different facets of nature - its organic completeness as well as its fleeting characteristics - inspired Villeroy & Boch in its creation of new room concepts. In the process, the topic of nature itself is interpreted in its own particular way: here, nature's powers of self-assertion meet up with perfect craftsmanship, their fusion expressed in precise workmanship. The result is the powerful authenticity that characterizes these new tile series. The porcelain stoneware series My Earth, Tribute, Boulder Country, Open Land and Nature Side, with which expressive floor designs can be created in bathrooms and kitchens, not to mention living areas, restaurants, hotel lobbies or boutiques, exert an appeal with their high-quality designs in surprisingly close-to-nature stone and wood finishes. These tiles combine esthetic finesse with convincing practical benefits that include ease of care, durability, slip resistance and frost resistance.

Color and décor

In the new wall concepts, Villeroy & Boch relies on durable presentations of color and décors that work with geometric shapes, surface reliefs and flowing structures to lend the rooms designed with them an unmistakable aura. Whether harmonious tone-in-tone presentations, intentional color accents, a strict geometry or more sweeping lines - with their range of different design elements the new series Light Lusion, Classic Glam, Opulent Chic, Stripe+Wave and Talk About offer the right room concept for a wide variety of applications.

The high-quality product concepts by Villeroy & Boch were developed out of an awareness for special design characterized by loving attention to detail, by expertise in the specifics of ceramic technology as well as craftsmanship, and by the high stylistic standards for which Villeroy & Boch are well-known. The series also exhibits a responsible approach to the environment, with an eye to future generations: resource-friendly work and production methods play a decisive role in these new products. 

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