November 2013

History meets modern age– VENIDA: wall and floor concept with an extravagant design and precious metal accents

History meets the modern era, and the two join forces to create a fascinating cross-culture. Here, the new is integrated into the old, with elements of various cultures blended and abstracted in a harmonious union of warm colours...

November 2013

New wall concept in harmonious, vintage colours – TWIST: trendy colours for individual rooms

Powerful colour concepts that make skilful use of harmonies and contrasts are currently very popular in modern interiors. Here, the pastel hues of the 1950s and the brilliant colours of the 1980s are experiencing a capital...

November 2013

New wall and floor concept in authentic slate design – TOWNHOUSE: Trendy tiles for a naturally urban and sustainable look

Life in the modern urban world is being completely redefined: here, nature and everything natural is gaining an ever-higher significance. People are in search for an urban life in harmony with nature - Urban Nature. With this...

November 2013

New floor concept with a warm naturalness – SEANO: the look of sandstone brings nature into modern furnishing concepts

With SEANO, Villeroy & Boch Tiles presents a new, attractive floor concept of vilbostone porcelain stoneware, offering an extremely warm and natural charm with an authentic look of sandstone. It is ideal for interiors in the...

November 2013

New floor concept in a stone look offering wide variety – Oregon: design variety for an animated surface effect

Original, natural materials are an integral feature of contemporary, urban living environments. Longing for natural surroundings, many city-dwellers are bringing nature into their living environments and interiors. With this...

November 2013

Floor concept with the authentic look of floorboards - LODGE: Design and colours inspired by natural parquet

In interior design, nature has long since ceased to be a trend; instead, it has become an integral theme, one that is in a state of constant transformation and always up-to-date. In their search for a counterweight to the...

November 2013

The play of light and shade – LIGHT & SHADE: Wall and floor concept with travertine texture and relief-effect

A classically elegant design remains forever timeless, just as traditional craftsmanship forms the basis for exquisite interior design. Villeroy & Boch Tiles has taken this philosophy and applied it to a new concept for walls...

November 2013

New wall and floor concept for modern bathroom and living-area designs – FUSE: concrete structure and individual decorations

Concrete is an integral feature of modern home construction - and of contemporary interior design as well. Villeroy & Boch Tiles found inspiration in the characteristic look and variety of styling options that concrete...

November 2013

New wall concept with finely graduated colour progressions – DÉGRADÉ: accentuated wall surfaces turn the bathroom into a wellness oasis

Inspired by the irresistible transitions from bright, airy daylight to the shadowy colours of night, by hazy patches of fog and the forever-changing hues of the ocean in the sunlight, Villeroy & Boch Tiles has developed a new...

November 2013

New wall concept for day care centres and kindergardens - COLORVISION KIDS: child-friendly colours and motifs

The law is clear about it: effective 1 August 2013, children in Germany between the ages of one and three have a guaranteed claim to a spot in a day care centre. According to current estimates, there is a need for 780,000 such...

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