February 2011

Villeroy & Boch at Ambiente 2011: Current Christmas collection for the year 2011

Tableware and decorations for a cozy winter and Christmas season

Brimming with fantasy and designed with a loving eye for detail – the winter and Christmas collections by Villeroy & Boch provide a nostalgic-cozy mood throughout the home. Because the elaborately crafted porcelain products have been very popular for years, the two successful collections – Winter Bakery and Winter Collage – are being developed even further during 2011.

Winter Bakery – it’s all about the “savoring”

Baking fine cookies and delicious cakes and then enjoying them with friends and family – that’s what makes the Advent and Christmas season fun. For all those who like to enjoy their Christmas season full of romance and nostalgia, the Winter Bakery collection is just the right thing. Villeroy & Boch is enhancing the gourmet and pleasurable character of the series, enlivening it with new, functional and decorative products. The new décor, combining a powerful red with fresh green, can be used on its own, or very beautifully in combination with the collections of years past.
The Winter Bakery Delight line includes tableware for hot winter drinks and winter specialties, including a punch cup or an apple baker for delicious baked apples. The accessories to be found in the Winter Bakery Decoration line provide added incentive for Christmas baking and decorating. The collection includes candle holders with reindeer sleighs and elaborately ornamental porcelain boxes. With a variety of candles, a cellulose table runner and an assortment of matching napkins sets, the Winter Bakery Specials make for a perfect Christmas-season coffee table.

Winter Collage – Christmas in the mountains

Winter Collage 2011 celebrates Christmas in the mountains – in very traditional and romantic style. The new, decorative porcelain objects are inspired by the famous Christmas handicrafts found in the Ore Mountains. A new decorative approach was developed for this very emotional collection: Christmas motifs such as toys and gifts, along with elements drawn from nature, characterize the entire collection and lend it all the magic of a mysterious mountain landscape, awakening childhood memories of a calm and peaceful world. Genuine highlights of this extensive collection include: a large Advent wreath, a new Advent calendar, a large horse-drawn sleigh with St. Nicholas at the reins and a Christmassy Noah's Ark with tiny Christmas bears on board. There are also new incense smokers with themes that evoke the previous year’s collection.

Winter Collage entails various product lines:
You will find splendid products for the tastefully appointed table and Christmas delights. Toy’s Delight presents festive items of tableware for the Christmas table: assorted cups and glasses, warmers, along with plates, platters and bowls for the coffee table or at meal time. Matching accessories can be found in the Toy’s Delight Specials line: from candles to decorative figures and lamps to napkin sets. There are also new bowls and plates from the Toy’s Fantasy line that combine beautifully with one another and with the existing products.

The Winter Collage collection also includes a wide selection of ornaments and decorative articles that are also grouped together in various product lines. The Nostalgic Village includes light objects, scenes and figures evocative of a snow-covered Alpine village: a Christmas-tree seller, a ski hut and a Nativity scene are to be found here, along with children riding sleds or building snowmen, Saint Nicholas with his sleigh, and a splendidly decorated Christmas tree. Particularly playful are the designs of the five deco objects of the Nostalgic Dreams line: a locomotive with railroad car, a moose on wheels, a teddy bear in a wooden wagon and a teddy bear on rocking horse are reminiscent of nostalgic children's toys, as is the Christmassy Noah’s Ark. Matching Nostalgic Ornaments for the Christmas tree, such as teddy bears or tiny wrapped presents, make eyes glisten – and not just children’s. And the long wait until Christmas Eve is made all the more bearable by the elaborately crafted Advent calendar and Advent calendar box.

The ornaments in the Toy’s Ornaments and Fantasy Ornaments lines are the perfect thing for decorating the Christmas tree, not to mention as original decorations throughout the home: assorted balls, a bell, a Christmas tree and a star are enough to put the beholder in a Christmas mood – as does a tiny heart. The elaborate, hand-made deco articles in the Christmas Toys line are produced with great love for detail: inspired by nostalgic gift boxes, they depict large-area illustrations. Added to these are various figures and scenes such as children with a pony-drawn sleigh, Santa with a horse-drawn sleigh, or a Christmas tree with Santa.

There are beautiful light objects as well: Christmas Light consists of four Christmas-season light objects various motifs and color schemes, while the design of the small Nostalgic Light series of incense smokers with candle holders is inspired by carved wooden Christmas figures and provides a very hand-crafted aura. The Christmas Toys Memory line includes a festive Advent wreath in classic red-and-green, available in two sizes, that can be fitted with candles each Christmas season; and a large and very elaborately designed deco object: Santa’s Sleigh Ride.

Product information:

Winter Bakery

  • Porcelain decorated in lithography technique, partially hand-painted
  • Winter Bakery Delight: Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe
  • Gift packaging

Winter Collage

  • Porcelain decorated in lithography technique, also partially hand-painted
  • Toy’s Delight: Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe
  • Gift packaging


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