September 2014

Lighting options for the bathroom

A good view, orientation and a feel-good atmosphere The bathroom is now becoming a wellness zone. More and more atmospheric elements have made their way into the bathroom along with high quality designer taps and fittings. These...

September 2014

Wellness at Home at the international trade fairs - Spa innovations with unique options for customisation

At two international trade fairs in fall 2014, Villeroy & Boch present their high-quality outdoor whirlpools with individual colours, strong designs and unique massage functions as part of their Wellness at Home area. The...

September 2014

A hygienic combination – DirectFlush technology meets ViClean shower toilet

With both DirectFlush technology and the ViClean shower toilet series Villeroy & Boch offers products that meet hygiene and comfort requirements in the bathroom. The benefits of both products complement one another optimally...

September 2014

Small Bathroom made big - Planning Tips for small Bathrooms

A small room but nonetheless plenty of space in the bathroom? Yes, if you plan it properly and arrange it cleverly. A lot of storage space can be created using compact sanitary elements and furniture. Depending on the room...

September 2014

In the Christmas bakery

Apple, cinnamon and almond seed …They make Christmas baking even more fun. Hmm, what a lovely smell! Spices such as cinnamon, aniseed or cloves mix with roasted nuts and al-monds, melted chocolate and fine butter into a unique...

September 2014

The right Christmas gift

No wishes remain unfulfilled –gift ideas from festive to timeless.Giving gifts is fun – this is even more so when the gift is exactly to the liking of the recipient. And sometimes that isn't quite so easy. Especially at...

September 2014

Whirlpool fun indoors and outdoors – Numerous wellness options at home

Instead of spending a holiday in a wellness hotel or a few hours in a public spa, more and more people are simply having their wellness fun in the whirlpool at home. Villeroy & Boch offers a number of systems with which you...

August 2014

More than just wash basins and toilet bowls – Villeroy & Boch offers comprehensive services for bathrooms

Villeroy & Boch offers customers and partners alike an extensive portfolio of services. Using the online bathroom planner, customers can plan their individual dream bathroom in the comfort of their own home. An Augmented...

August 2014

Individual and Strong Design – High-quality outdoor whirlpool tubs for a fully individualised wellness experience

Villeroy & Boch presents their high-quality outdoor whirlpools by welcoming visitors to their personal spa. The technology, design and quality of the tubs guarantee a unique wellness experience. Villeroy & Boch's...

August 2014

Bathroom hygiene made easy – more time and quality of life thanks to innovative products and materials

Keeping wash basins, toilets, showers and baths clean and hygienic involves a great deal of work and time. Unless, that is, thought is given right at the start to the products and materials used, ensuring these meet special...

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