August 2015

Bold colours. Bold design. – Sunrise and Midnight bring out the latest colour accents with ceramic sinks

Sunrise and Midnight – those are the names of the two new brilliant colours that Villeroy & Boch, in conjunction with the young designer Gesa Hansen, has developed especially for its premium ceramic sinks from the Timeline...

January 2015

New Kitchen Faucets Fit the Contours of Washbasins: Cosi and Cosi Sky – Modern Design for Coordinated Wash Area Designs

Angular with rounded edges – with this design message Villeroy & Boch presents the two new kitchen tap fittings for 2015: Cosi and Cosi Sky. Their design language is attuned to the contours of contemporary ceramic washbasins....

January 2015

New Model for Successful Series: Single Basin Subway 50 Further Expands the Washbasin Concept

In the successful washbasin family Subway, Villeroy & Boch offers kitchen washbasins in diverse sizes and mounting variations, which make personal and flexible designing of the washbasin area possible with their clear, modern...

January 2015

People and Their Kitchens: What Kitchens Reveal about Their Owners

Show me your kitchen and I’ll tell you whom you are – there’s hardly another room that expresses someone’s personality as clearly as the kitchen that he or she picked out and furnished. With just one glance of a kitchen you can...

January 2015

The Washbasin in the Modern Kitchen: From Flat to Monumental: Anything is Possible

The heart of an apartment beats in the kitchen. It’s true! There’s always something going on here, the pulse of life is here: In the kitchen family and friends meet, cook and eat, chat and share their lives. And this hasn’t just...

January 2015

Clever planning for small kitchens – More space thanks to intelligent sink areas

Planning a small kitchen is a real challenge. Whilst it’s possible to have a field day in a large kitchen, playing around with cupboards, islands and appliances almost at will, special solutions are needed when it comes to...

January 2015

Roundabout thinking – Intelligent sink solutions for every last corner

When planning a modern kitchen, they’re unavoidable – those deep corners where two worktops meet. And with the average depth of a worktop measuring some 60 cm, the diagonal depth of a corner is nearly 85 cm. Lots of space, which...

January 2015

From Functional Room to Social Hub: The Kitchen as the New Living Room

Life pulses through the kitchen: from breakfast in the morning to the end of the party late at night there’s always something happening here. Open concept kitchens integrated into living spaces continues to be a trend. And...

January 2015

Additions to kitchen tap fittings – Bestseller now comes with added functionality and in a new guise

In the area of kitchen tap fittings, Villeroy & Boch has reworked and further developed its successful tap fitting series Como and Primara. The handy Como Window tap fittings, which can be fitted in front of a window,...

January 2015

Washbasin Collection Expands: Timeline Now Available in 50 cm Model

Purism in Perfection – this is the statement made by the design of the ceramic washbasin Timeline from Villeroy & Boch. Timeline is impressive with its timeless, clear and very fluid design and its elegant language of form....

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