Villeroy & Boch Innovations

Innovative products contribute worldwide to brand awareness and to a positive image. They are also crucial for the sales success in 125 countries. Following is a representative cross section of the latest major innovations developed by Villeroy & Boch:


Villeroy & Boch broke away from the classic round form of the dinner service to create NewWave, a completely new, asymmetrical design with square and waved shapes. Because of the special design and the innovative pressure die casting technique the handle is no longer traditionally attached to the cup but the design of the grip swoops down to join the base of the cup in one perfectly crafted piece. Therefore Villeroy & Boch received the German Business Innovation Award in 2004.


Villeroy & Boch sets new hygiene standards with the WC innovation DirectFlush: In the rimless DirectFlush WCs the conventional flushing rim is replaced with an intelligent water flow that rinses the entire interior of the bowl, without over-splashing. Conventional WCs have a narrow flushing rim, the interior of which is most difficult both to view and to access. Instead of this flushing rim DirectFlush WCs are equipped with a small splash guard, allowing the WC bowl to be easily and hygienically cleaned. With a water consumption of only 3 or 4.5 litres, the innovative flushing technology maintains high flushing efficiency and ensures the rinsing of the entire bowl, so soiling can be avoided from the outset. As the open rim is completely glazed the WC can be particularly quickly, easily and thoroughly cleaned. The WC innovation DirectFlush thus meets the hygiene requirements not only in hospitals or in busy public buildings, but also in private homes.


Quaryl, a combination of acrylic and the hard natural mineral quartz, was developed exclusively for the manufacture of high-quality baths and shower trays by Villeroy & Boch. This material allows Villeroy & Boch to offer a wide range of designs, radiuses and rims. Quaryl baths and shower trays also radiate a brilliant sheen. The smooth, almost pore-free surface is remarkably easy to clean and, consequently, exceptionally hygienic. In addition, Quaryl baths and shower trays are highly slip-resistant and have a sound-proofing effect, also making them ideal for multi-storey apartment buildings and the hotel industry.


The ceramic surface CeramicPlus is especially easy to clean through a special finish process. Even dried limescale deposit can be removed without difficulty. Because of the ease of cleaning as well as the savings of cleaning agents our products with CeramicPlus are especially ecological.


The Whisper whirlpool system invites you to simply switch off and enjoy because the incredibly quiet operating volume in compliance with DIN 4109 was tested by the Fraunhofer Institut and promises you soundless relaxation. This quiet pool is therefore ideal for apartment buildings, too.

Invisible Jets

The almost invisible high-quality Invisible Jets by Villeroy & Boch are on the cutting edge of Whirlpool aesthetics. The new, flush-fitted jets, which have been specially developed for the Villeroy & Boch Ultimate Fitness massage system, come in the same colour as the bath. This makes them almost invisible when the system is not in use. The jets only become visible when the massage function is started up and they come out of the sides of the bath. This allows the user to experience the positive effect of the Ultimate Fitness system on body and soul to the full. After a powerful massage the jets automatically retract again. And, as the new Invisible Jets are flush with the Quaryl surface of the bath when not in use, they are particularly easy to clean.

JetPak™ II Technology

JetPaks are interchangeable jetted backs for the SPA seats. The latest JetPak™ II Technologie actually needs no piping behind the JetPaks™ at all. This allows the seats to be moved towards the spa exterior, much increasing the interior space and legroom. Optimal SPA performance is achieved by the water being pressed by powerful pumps in the Aqua & Air-Unit behind the jets. The air is sucked in from above, mixes with the water and is forced through the jets. The massaging effect that results is significantly greater even than that achieved by the previously unique JetPak™ I technology.

Because of a new design with new functions the JetPaks™ can be independently controlled and thanks to the Klick-System are easily interchangeable; they fit on any seat in the SPA and can be rotated or upgraded as desired. The JetPaks™ II can also be steplessly regulated and turned on and off as necessary. The modern high-tech look, either in stainless steel or synthetics depending on the configuration, further highlights the quality of the technology.

Omnia GreenGain

The innovative Omnia GreenGain WC represents a milestone in water consumption. It is the first wall-mounted WC to use only 3.5 litres of water per flush. That means 2.5 litres less water than conventional systems, i.e. a saving of 40%. And if the economy button of the dual-flush system is selected, the WC uses just 2 litres of water per flush. This also makes the Omnia GreenGain WC a particularly attractive solution for project planners.


The ViChange urinal with its functional minimalist design is particularly suited for use in public buildings. Thanks to its flexible water inlet and adjustable waste outlet, the height of which can be adjusted by 55 mm, the urinal is exceptionally easy to install. It is also very maintenance friendly. The patented cartridge ViChange is a functional highlight, allowing the siphon to be changed without the urinal having to be removed from the wall. Considering the fact that in high use urinals, for instance at airports or in stadiums, the siphons have to be changed up to four times a year, it is clear that the innovative cartridge system ViChange is also an economical option. The maintenance friendliness of ViChange eliminates the risk of blockages and the ceramic cover also functions as a filter.